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Are ready to start this Summer the Right Way?
Are you ready to start this Summer the Right Way?

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    you will benefit from the resources available in HHS University, such as
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>>> 09/25/13 It has been awhile since we posted any updates here. We are currently in the process of doing a complete website makeover which should be done in just a few days.. hopefully by Sunday... Please check back soon....>>>>

(Last update posted: September 9, 2012)

With the inevitability of home health reform in 2012, home health marketing will require a spectrum of entirely new sales strategies and a completely new, hands-on, business minded approach for those who want to get ahead of the competition, while dealing with the upcoming Medicare reform and the regulatory changes. It is already becoming more clear that only the strongest home health agencies and home care companies will overcome the challenges ahead. This is why we have created this website.

Home Health Success was developed for HHA marketing managers (administrators, owners) and individual marketing professionals who want to transform their marketing strategies and significantly increase their bottom line when it comes to hospital/physician referrals without fear of learning new techniques and marketing strategies. The ideas and concepts found in this book serve as a foundation for many high-cost marketing seminars focused on home health industry. Get your very own hardcover copy of our book today!

40 Referrals? How about 140+ Brand New Quality Admissions?
The agencies where we have applied these strategies, were able to produce consistent referral flow of quality, specialized, high-reimbursement referrals. Home Health Success is about strategic planning and guided execution. Today, we would like to introduce, what is, for all the purposes, a textbook for the new kind of strategic marketing... More>>>


09.02.2012 "Under 10 Minutes" Watch our video tutorial on how to create a full functioning home health care website with referral tracking capabilities in under 10 minutes. Read More

So what the heck is the www.homehealthchoice.com acount? It is how your company will SURIVIVE in 2012 and beyond. Read More

10.16.12 We have now added another invaluable tool to help your agency stand out from the crowd. Click here to learn more about creating a HomeHealthChoice account for your agency.

04.29.12 We are discussing how to avoid situations when marketing representatives stall after only a few initial sales calls and run out of ideas on what can they possibly do next. What to look for prior to hiring your next home health representative. Read more.

02.26.12 Today we are talking about an inherent quality of a sales person that cannot be taught at work or through the books. Once again we have updated our library with another inherent quality only best home health representatives have. Read more. 

02.15.11 Hiring the best people for your sales team saves you big money on trial and error. So how do you know if the person you are about to hire is right for home health sales? Today we are going over our third top inherent quality of our best home health sales representatives. This one may completely surprise you. Read more.

01.19.10 Today we are continuing our discussion series on "Having What It Takes To Be A Great Home Health Sales Representative." Today we are talking about Inherent Personality Factor and how to screen for it when hiring sales people. Go to our Home Health Success University Library member section to read more.

Today we are beginning our discussion series on "Having What It Takes To Be A Great Home Health Sales Representative." The question is: can the same training approach have different outcome for some of the sales representatives? If so, what could possibly be the missing link? Introduction to 9 key factors to screen for best sales people. Go to our Home Health Success University Library member section to read more.

Read our AdMission newsletter where we discuss the difference between "marathon" and "sprint" sales people. Go to our Home Health Success University (HHS Library) section to learn more.

10.13.11 Building a counter-intuitive, non-common-sense Core Message for your agency. In this update we are dissecting the first two elements of making your message stick. Go to our Home Health Success University (HHS Library) section to read more.     

Home Health Success is re-structuring our Home Health University section to allocate more space for a set of new marketing and medical education tutorials that will be available soon to all our members.
We recommend using "Proof of GAIN Matrix" when preparing for your physician sales calls to supplement the forms that are already available to you on this site. It will help you... (HHS Libary) Members Only

 Whether you are an extremely-busy Owner/Sales Manager with the desire to better monitor the activity of your sales people from one pay period to another, or a marketing professional, you will benefit from our "14-day Recurring Goals/Activities Tool" in our member only, HHS Briefcase section. As the saying goes, "Eighty percent of all sales, come from 20 percent of your efforts" Behind this modified version of the Pareto's principle is a reminder to all sales people to focus only on what matters. Go to our Home Health Success University section (HHS Briefcase) to download the file.

Your physician may want to know: an independent study reveals that enrolling patients in home health program reduces hospitalizations and saves money for Medicare patients with diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or congestive heart failure. Read full article here (Members Only) >>>

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Here you will find essential downloads for your marketing portfolio. All documents are a part of a Home Health sales cycle continuum approach described in Home Health Marketing Bible. In order to receive a pass that allows you to join the University, you are...More>>>

MD Manager 2.1 Marketing Management Software

Impress your boss with MD Manager 2.1, Physician/CM Management Marketing software! We have used Microsoft Access 2007 to create this unique Customer Management tool, custom-built for Home Health Industry Marketing Professionals featuring record management and unprecedented sales call scheduling based on account potential, office location and office work hours. Available FREE to Home Health Success University Members only. More>>>

Home Health Success Library contains highlights and quotes taken from some of the best marketing books available today. At HHSU we believe that these books are essential for every marketing professional as they help to gain new insights when it comes to becoming better at what we do in sales and in life. This new section available to members of Home Health Success University only.
Are you someone who scours bookstores looking for the best marketing book out there? Are you someone who is always hungry for more? Well, join the crowd. We regularly hand-pick and review some of the best books on marketing strategies and supplement them with practical implications for your home health business. Come and grow with us!

"AdMission" newsletter is designed as a way to update, educate and motivate home health sales professionals. Soon you will be able to find the archives of all of our "AdMission" newsletters (look in the member section of the Home Health Success University portion of this website).

"AdMission" Newsletter Sample:
 "Smart People" Strategy in Home Health Sales. Click here to view.

Home Health Marketing: News-Makers

The brand new "News Makers" section is coming soon. Here you will be able to stay on top of the current events, new Medicare regulations and much more.



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